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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Carbon Footprinting

Here you can find some of the resources either created by ourselves, or others where something in dentistry has been footprinted. We started with carbon footprinting but now use Ecoinvent databases to perform more comprehensive arguably more holistic LCAs within healthcare and dentistry.

An estimated carbon footprint of NHS primary dental care within England. How can dentistry be more environmentally sustainable?

National Health Service (NHS) England dental teams need to consider from a professional perspective how they can, along with their NHS colleagues, play their part in reducing their carbon emissions and improve the sustainability of the care they deliver... (Read more)

Our future depends on us embedding mitigation, adaptation, and the principles of sustainable development into all that PHE does... (Read more)

Various steps can be taken by dentists to try to reduce the carbon footprint of their work, according to Public Health England (PHE)... (Read more)

Dental care is currently not provided in a sustainable way. This study aims to quantify the potential environmental burden of an examination in a hypothetical dental practice and identify major contributors to environmental harm... (Read more)

 Life cycle analysis (LCA) the global resource use and environmental output of the endodontic procedure. The endodontic team need to consider how they can reduce the environmental burden of endodontic care... (Read more)

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