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  • Sumalatha Venugopal

Sustainable procurement - what we buy matters !

The Health Care Climate Footprint Report states that more than 70% of emissions from the health care sector are primarily from the health care supply chain - the production, transport, use, and disposal of goods and services that the sector consumes.

So what we buy matters.

Health Care Without Harm, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, and Practice Green health have collaboratively created ‘The Sustainable Procurement Guide’.

Some things to think about:

  • Small carbon footprint

Minimize carbon footprint impact of products and services used to deliver healthcare

  • Health and safety

Reduce pollution with prioritising use of safer products.

  • Community benefits

Sustainable procurement encourages investment in diverse and local suppliers to reduce inequalities in the supply chain

  • Leadership

Healthcare organisations are in a position to consider community health and well being

  • Cost savings

Choose streamlined processed that are efficient with resources and labour

  • Collaborate

Influence healthcare purchasing power to drive demand for sustainable and innovative products

  • Resilience

Support operations to withstand health and emergency emergencies

Click here for original reference piece and to find out more!

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